An individual living in the 75225 zip code recently tested positive for West Nile virus (WNV), according to a public information report. This is the fourth human case to be detected in Dallas this summer. Due to medical confidentiality, we have limited information about our neighbor and his/her condition.

We can tell you this: The City has already placed several mosquito traps in the 75225 zip code. So far, “existing traps near the human case have not tested positive for WNV. The City will expand surveillance and place an additional trap near the location to gain information on mosquito activity.”

If mosquitos in this region of our neighborhood are found to carry the virus, the City will conduct targeted ground spraying. It is, of course, possible that the patient contracted WNV while visiting another area of town.

Protect yourself by limiting outdoor activity, especially in the evening. And be wary of standing water, since “breeding places for mosquitoes include swimming pools that are not kept clean, stagnant ponds, pet watering dishes, birdbaths, potted plants, old tires, empty containers, toys and clogged rain gutters and French drains.”

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