No one knows a neighborhood better than its residents. For evidence, check out peopleorganizingplace.com. The new website, launched by Building Community Workshop, includes a feature called “Draw Your Neighborhood.” Visitors “can draw, name and describe their neighborhoods, greatly expanding our ability to crowdsource detailed neighborhood boundaries.”

To get things started, BC Workshop identified 378 Dallas neighborhoods. The nonprofit put together “a directory of Dallas neighborhood information; visitors can find out about the history, existing neighborhood organizations, statistics about its residents and buildings, and city council information for all neighborhoods.” That directory is available via the site’s “Know Your Neighborhood” component.

BC Workshop hopes peopleorganizingplace.com will instill its visitors with a sense of place.

“This framework will help to create a network of neighborhoods with strong identities,” Lizzie Macwillie, BC Workshop’s senior designer, says. We believe that will lead to citizens that are better able to advocate for their neighborhood’s future.”

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