This Sunday, when most of us are sleeping in, 77 year old Jack Tutterrow will participate in the Dallas Running Club’s Half Marathon at White Rock Lake. It should be a piece of cake for the resident of Edgemere Senior Living — he’s competed in 34 full marathons since he began running at age 43.

“Every day is an opportunity for personal and professional growth,” Tutterrow says. “I intend to run as long as I am physically and mentally capable.”

In 2006, he had a bit of scare. After a particularly grueling marathon in Iceland, Tutterrow needed ankle surgery. For the past 9 years he’s worked hard to regain his strength. He attends physical therapy regularly, jogs around Preston Hollow and exercises in Edgemere’s fitness center. But he hasn’t participated in a full marathon since his injury. That may change in April.

Tutterrow plans to enter the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. The event at White Rock this weekend should help him gage his readiness. Getting back into the full marathon scene is sure to be an uphill battle, but Tutterrow feels confident.

“In many ways, I’m younger than I’ve ever been,” he says. “It’s a centering time when I’m running — it brings what I consider to be balance into my life.”


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