Forest Park Medical pamphlet image

Forest Park Medical pamphlet image

Late last week the luxury health-care facility at Forest Lane near Central Expressway, at the northwest edge of our neighborhood, closed its doors.

About 150 employees are out of jobs, many did not receive paychecks, and 20 patients were moved to different hospitals, according to the Dallas Business Journal, which in mid October ran a cover story about Forest Park’s “broken business model” and has been closely following developments.

Reporter Bill Hethcock, who has been covering Forest Park, writes that the closure is the result of a lender backing out of an expected loan. Forest Park execs call the closing a “pause” because a closure would impact their licensing, though, according to the article, there is no telling when it might reopen. The latest report suggests the shutdown will be permanent, although another option could include filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to obtain financing to reorganize and reopen the hospital … (more).

By the way, Dougherty’s Pharmacy, located on the ground floor of the Forest Park building, is still open.

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