via The Dallas Morning News

via The Dallas Morning News

It’s not a trend. Many Preston Hollow parents have sent their kids to private school for decades.

According to a 1976 article in The Dallas Morning News (DMN), Donald Koons held a “back-your-school” party at his neighborhood home with the hope of winning “over parents who might pull their children from Preston Hollow [Elementary] in view of this fall’s court-ordered integration plan.”

He discussed the merits of Preston Hollow Elementary and warned that “private school could easily mean $1,000 per year per child.” (Can you imagine?!)

Most parents in attendance already shared Koons’ views. Here’s an excerpt:

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There are definitely some parallels between the 1976 DMN story and the one written by the Advocate’s Keri Mitchell for our March issue. Click here to read her piece, which investigates how children can benefit from attending mixed-income schools.

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