Brent Herling. Photo by Danny Fulgencio

Brent Herling. Photo by Danny Fulgencio

Over the weekend, Brent Herling commented on this 2014 piece we wrote about his work on the Forest Lane mural to let us know that SpongeBob — the cartoon character who was ousted from the wall after much neighborhood outrage — has found a new home.

“Spongebob did return,” Herling wrote. “This time he is out holding up a section of the Marsh Lane mural that is about to collapse.”

We haven’t focused too much on the Marsh Lane mural, since it’s the Forest Lane mural that sees the most action. (It’s been driven into twice!) But in his comment, Herling linked us to The Marsh Lane Mural Project Facebook page, which we had a good time perusing.

Along with SpongeBob, the wall features a possum, park bench and golden retriever. More recently, volunteers painted a large red flower surrounded by roses as a “ tribute to the victims of the Dec 26 tornadoes and to the Salvation Army for being on the scene so quickly to help so many.”

Learn more about the Marsh Lane mural, by clicking here.

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