Earlier this week, Preston Hollow Presbyterian spread good vibes at McShan Elementary yet again. This time, the church donated inspirational t-shirts to every student at the school.

The front of the shirts featured the name of the high school the kids will likely attend (Conrad) and the back of the shirts featured the names of colleges they might consider (The University of Kansas, University of North Texas at Dallas, etc.)

This was part of a city wide initiative called “I will graduate.” So far, supporters of the program have provided 30,000 DISD elementary school students with the t-shirts.

According to an email from founder Louisa Meyer, “This small gesture is intended to make a lasting impression by giving elementary students a shirt representing their high school on the front with colleges listed on the back. For students whose parents likely did not attend college and might not have graduated high school, the shirts say we believe they can and will graduate from both.”

To learn more about “I will graduate” click here. To learn more about PHPC’s involvement with McShan Elementary, click here.

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