Despite East Dallas councilman Philip Kingston’s predictions earlier this week, U.S. District Judge Sidney Fitzwater ruled in favor of the City of Dallas’ ban against the porn convention Exxxotica today. While it was only the preliminary injunction, the case could move forward to court where issues of free speech and the city’s sexual oriented business (SOB) ordinance will be dissected if Exxxotica appeals today’s decision.

Exxxotica’s representatives have not yet said whether they plan to appeal. But the council members who voted in favor of the band expressed their satisfaction with the judge’s decision.

“I am pleased with U.S. District Judge Sidney A. Fitzwater’s ruling that our city council’s decision to ban this pornography expo was reasonable and not based solely on the subject matter,” Mayor Mike Rawlings, who initially called for the ban, said in a prepared statement. “The judge acknowledged our strong evidence that this expo violated both terms of its contract and state and local laws. As noted in the ruling, our attorneys produced evidence of the expo’s commission of ‘fraud, crimes, breach of contract and violations of the city’s [SOB] ordinance.’”

Preston Hollow’s representatives have so far remained tight-lipped on the decision. They were split on the ban, with Councilmember Lee Kleinman joining the seven who voted against the ban. Councilmember Jennifer Staubach Gates waffled on the subject, initially penning a resolution that condemned the porn expo to express her displeasure in the event, while telling the Dallas Morning News “This isn’t a ban.”

But when the ban came up for vote, she supported it, saying the city had a “defensible stance” to block the event from returning to Dallas.

Earlier this week, Kingston told the Advocate that he thought the SOB argument would “fall flat on its face” but Rawlings credited it as a “key component of our defense in court.”

After the verdict was announced, Kingston, who is known for his prolific Facebook posts, simply posted “Another such victory and we are utterly undone.”

Kingston, an attorney himself, says that if the trial moves on the court and the judge rules in favor of Exxxotica, the city could be held liable for all damages. Since the expo hoped to return to the city-owned Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center next month, which clearly won’t happen now, the convention could potentially sue for additional damages from lost revenue.

Read the judge’s full decision here.

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