northaven-parkWere the city not in need of another elementary school, we might not have the community park that currently spruces up the corner of Cox and Northaven, according to city park documents.

It was 1955 and the Dallas Independent School District board was looking to make a deal. They needed to build a new school to serve the growing population of students south of Fair Park. They offered up a deal, asking the city to agree to a swap: 11.6 acres of land out of the city-owned Lawnview Park by route 352 in exchange for a 9.48-acre property the school district owned on Northaven.

It was a fair trade, the city decided, and in January 1955 the deal was done. The school district was able the build Ascher Silberstein Elementary School, and Preston Hollow got Northaven Park, which remains a community gathering spot today.

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