It’s our city’s annual competition for outrageous fried foods, but we think The State Fair of Texas also should give an award for best combination of seemingly random words.

“Deep Fried Bacon Burger Dog Slider on a Stick” would be this year’s winner.

The Big Tex Choice Awards competition, also sponsored by the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau, takes place Aug. 28 — enter to win two VIP tickets here. Many of this year’s offerings have stepped away from the minimalist trend of past years (fried butter, fried Coke) and made a return to to the over-the-top.

We’re not in on the judging, but Isaac Rousso’s State Fair Cookie Fries should definitely win the prize for most likely to send you into an existential crisis (what even ARE cookies?). And Glen Kusak’s Injectable Great Balls of BBQ will take the trophy for most unsettling use of a Jerry Lee Lewis reference.

Check out photos of all the entries below, and help us decide who wins for worst play on words (just kidding, there are only two prizes — Best Taste and Most Creative).

16_btca_baconburgerdogslideronastick-1024x768 16_btca_caribbeanpineapplekornacopia-1024x768 16_btca_deepfriedpulledporkfunyundings-1024x768 16_btca_ferniesdownhomechickenpotpiepocket-1024x768 16_btca_friedjello-1024x768 16_btca_injectablegreatballsofbbq-1024x768 16_btca_southernfriedchickenanddumplins-1024x768 16_btca_statefaircookiefries-1024x768

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