Campers hope for a year's worth of free chicken at the new Chick-fil-A near LBJ and Midway. (Photo by Lauren Law)

Campers hope for a year’s worth of free chicken at the new Chick-fil-A near LBJ and Midway. (Photo by Lauren Law)

I’m loving all the new neighborhood restaurants popping up off Inwood/Forest and by the new Walmart near Midway and LBJ, including one of our favorites, Chick-fil-A. As I was driving by last Tuesday afternoon, I noticed tents in their parking lot, so I pulled up and asked one of the campers what was going on. She said with the opening of the new store, Chick-fil-A was awarding free sandwiches for a year to the first 100 people who would campout for 24 hours. It’s a Chick-fil-A tradition. 

 I spoke with Annie Lehman, Event Marketing from Chick-fil-A corporate in Atlanta, who is onsite for new store openings around the country. After roping off an area for the campers beginning at 6 a.m. and checking everyone in, they feed the campers breakfast, lunch and dinner for the 24 hours and even provided a DJ that evening. Lehman shared they had 107 campers that previous night, with some hoping that some of the first 100 would leave, giving them a chance at the year-long prize. 

What intrigued me most about what she said is that at least three of the campers were there, so if they won, they could give away their prize to the less fortunate. Now that’s why I love about this community — we’re one who gives back and cares for humankind.

Kristin Mead is the owner/operator and is already immersing herself within our community. Prior to the opening, Chick-fil-A encouraged neighbors to bring in books to fill a bookshelf which was then donated to Gooch Elementary. She’s also hired eight students from W.T. White to help run the store. “I have a passion for education and teaching young kids that we (Chick-fil-A) provides scholarships and I love connecting with families and students,” Mead says.

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