Courtesy of the Meadows Museum

After being kept out of the public eye for eight decades, a Francisco Bayeu y Subías painting from the 18th century now will be displayed at the Meadows Museum.

The museum announced that they acquired the painting, titled “María Teresa del Castillo,” today.  Previously, the portrait was part of the elite Villagonzalo collection and rarely was displayed publicly.

Because the portrait is in such good condition, the artwork did not need much conservation.

Born in 1734, Spanish artist Francisco Bayeu is known for his realistic portraits. He moved from Zaragoza to Madrid in 1763 to create frescoes for Palacio Real, the largest building in Madrid. He then became the court painter for Charles III in 1767 and eventually was appointed president of the Royal Academy of San Fernando.

But Bayeu was not the only artistically-inclined family member. Both his brothers also were artists, and his sister Josefa married Francisco de Goya.

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