Heather Shover

Heather Shover

If you’ve ever suffered from a chronic medical condition or have known anyone who has, then you know it can turn a life upside down and can force one to think of alternative ways of living life. That’s what Heather Shover, Preston Hollow mom of two, commercial real estate broker, author and functional medicine advocate, did after suffering from chronic eczema for 25 years.

Shover discovered that she had become addicted to the steroids she had been using to treat her eczema and consequently went through topical steroid withdrawal. In her case, steroids suppressed her immune system and the addiction manifested into a terrible, itchy rash that often prohibited her from performing the simplest tasks such as washing her own hair or bathing her two young kids. In addition to the steroids, Shover also took antibiotics which contributed to a severe case of small intestine bacterial growth, where all the bad bacteria in her intestines were eating all the nutrients from the foods she was eating and therefore her body wasn’t absorbing those nutrients. She couldn’t keep weight on, she didn’t look or feel well and her iron levels were dangerously low.

During this time Shover continued working, cooking and trying to take care of her children, and her life was consumed not only by painful steroid withdrawal symptoms, but a fear of not knowing how bad this was going to get and not being able to stop to take care of herself. She visited a naturopath who recommended that she start eating non-inflammatory foods, which meant she had to completely change her diet overnight.

Last year, Shover attended a workshop with Cassandra Washington, who then compiled the book, “The Call to Soar,” featuring nine women who have faced adversity. In it, Shover discusses her own healing journey. The book releases this week on Oct. 17, with all sales that day going to The Unstoppable Foundation to empower children in developing nations. Books are available at myhealthtorch.com/books/.

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