An annual fundraiser hosted by the Friends of Hillcrest High School and Franklin Middle School featured a huge crowd and plenty of live and silent auction items at the Lake House, 7510 East Northwest Highway.

The event brought together students, teachers and administrators from the Hillcrest feeder pattern and was organized by Hillcrest PTA president Debbie Sherrington. Her husband, Dallas Morning News sports columnist Kevin Sherrington, was the event auctioneer.

Proceeds from the event are split between the Hillcrest and Franklin support groups.

From left: Andrea Berman, Franklin PTA president; Toni Lacerte, Franklin parent; and Debbie Sherrington, Hillcrest PTA president.

From left: Katie Eska, Kramer principal; Brent Eska; Keri Gibson, Kramer counselor and Franklin parent; and Benny Gibson, Franklin parent.

From left: Nice Vo, Hillcrest senior; Melissa Lampert, Hillcrest parent; and Clarinda Alcalen, Hillcrest parent.

From left: Lainie O’Connell, Hillcrest theater teacher; Chris Holder, Hillcrest parent; and Ellie McKenzie, Hillcrest parent.

From left: Chris and Tova Sido, Preston Hollow Elementary and Franklin parents.

From left: Andrew Palacios, Hillcrest assistant principal; Chris Bayer, Hillcrest principal; T.J. Florie, Hillcrest assistant principal; and Richard Patille, Franklin special education department head.

From left: Alex Ramirez, Franklin parent; James Bryan, Franklin International Baccalaureate (IB) coordinator; and Cris Travis, Franklin English teacher.

The annual Hillcrest/Franklin fundraiser was held April 8, 2017, at the Lake House near White Rock Lake on Northwest Highway.

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