It’s been one year since well-known North Dallas attorney Ira Tobolowsky was found dead at his Kenshire Lane garage that was set on fire. The mystery stayed at a standstill for months, even though investigators released details from the murder in October.

Headlines about who killed Tobolowsky, and why, are circulating the media once again. Tonight, CBS I-Team Investigation is airing an interview with Tobolowsky’s sons, who say that two men who hated their father had been harassing them.

“What animals, what type of human being, is capable of continually harassing a family that is trying so hard — trying so hard — to put our pieces back together and live with this hole?” Jonathan Tobolowsky says in the interview.

CBS isn’t the only media outlet attempting to shed some light on the case. D Magazine’s May cover story “A Place Where Something Evil Happened” chronicles the aftermath of the homicide.

“What emerges is a picture of a family driven to get justice, another family torn apart by greed and anger, and an overtaxed police department trying hard to solve a bizarre and unthinkable tragedy but coming up just short,”  online editorial director Matt Goodman writes.

What maybe is most important about both stories is that the Tobolowsky family is confident they know who committed the crime.

“We are a little bit of evidence short of getting this case taken to a grand jury, getting an indictment, and moving forward with a capital murder trial,” Michael Tobolowsky says in an interview with D. “We’ve been here a couple months or so. The type of information we’re looking for we believe someone has out there. We’re just trying to reach out and connect with that person.”

That could be what motivated the Dallas Police Department to release search warrants and affidavits from their investigation. The documents reveal someone had been spying on Tobolowsky through holes in his fence, and he “felt threatened” because of a lawsuit he previously won.

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