Preston Hollow’s most famous neighbor (and former president) guest stars on The Ticket

Painting has become George W. Bush's post-presidency passion. (Photo from Facebook)
Painting has become George W. Bush’s post-presidency passion. (Photo from Facebook)

It’s not easy to get ahold of former president George W. Bush. (Trust us, we’ve been trying since he moved to the neighborhood in 2009.)

But The Ticket managed to snag a 20-minute interview with the former world leader, in which he discusses his friendship with the Dali Lama and Bono,  his latest book “Portraits of Courage,” and, of course, painting.

“I now study it. It’s a life-changing experience,” he told The Ticket about his new-found pastime. “Here’s the thing. When you’re over 70, and you’re sitting around talking with your pals, there’s basically two topics of conversation. One: What medicines do you take? And two: How are your grandkids? A lot of my friends say  ‘Man, I wish I had that same kind of passion about having a hobby or whatever you want to call it.’ ”

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Listen to the interview here.

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