Forest Lane mural. Photo by Danny Fulgencio

The Forest Lane mural restoration project is a tale featuring a North Dallas resident dedicated to neighborhood improvement, a Preston Hollow resident who attempted to thwart his efforts and, of course, copious amounts of paint.

Exactly three years ago, the Advocate reported that the beloved mural finally was finished. Glen Meadows neighbor Brent Herling, who is in the midst of redoing the Marsh Lane mural, spearheaded the time-consuming process.

W.T. White students painted psychedelic images onto the wall in 1976, and it remained mostly untouched until Herling opted to tackle the project, which caused a bit of unintended controversy.

Neighbor Danny Scott, whose property abuts the wall, fought to keep the “eyesore” away from his home.  But his complaints didn’t stop neighbors from showing up in droves to finish the community art project.

Since then, two cars have plowed into the mural — once in 2015 and once in June.

Learn more about Herling’s efforts here.

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