Golf enthusiasts have been talking about Jordan Spieth’s British Open victory since Sunday. But for those of us who don’t follow the sport, it’s worth knowing why the Preston Hollow neighbor’s win made history books.

Besides being his 11th PGA Tour victory, Spieth is now the second golfer to win three different majors before turning 24 years old. The only other player to accomplish that feat is Jack Nicklaus, who called Spieth’s performance “a great display of guts, determination and skill.”

Analysts have compared Spieth to Tiger Woods, who also congratulated the 23-year-old on Twitter. Spieth, though, seemed to disagree.

“I’ve answered this question a few times a couple years ago, so I’ll be careful with my answer. It’s amazing. I feel blessed to be able to play the game I love, but I don’t think that comparisons are – I don’t compare myself,” Spieth told the Golf Channel.

“And I certainly appreciate it. And we work really hard to have that, with that being the goal. Therefore, I enjoy moments like you saying that. But I’m very careful as to what that means going forward because what those guys have done has transcended the sport. And in no way, shape or form do I think I’m anywhere near that, whatsoever. So it’s a good start, but there is a long way to go.”

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