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E.D. Walker Middle School will offer even more choices for high school credits this year.

Once again, we have come to an exciting time of the year – the time to come back to school.

The true magic comes when we see the progress that our schools and students are making. We are happy to share that three Dallas ISD middle schools, rated Improvement Required (IR) for the 2015-16 school year including E. H. Cary Middle School, met the state accountability standards for 2016-17. These schools are part of the district’s Intensive Support Network initiative, which provides targeted support driven by student achievement data to decrease the academic achievement gap. Congrats to E.H. Cary Middle School students and staff for their hard work and dedication on the road to progress.

Innovation is a key factor of success, that’s why we strive to bring new, exciting and creative programs to Dallas ISD. The district provides school choice through programs that transform your child’s learning. Some of the new programs and happenings taking place in District 1 for 2017-18 are:

  • E.D. Walker Middle School will begin to offer three academies of choice, which will provide students the opportunity to engage in areas of their interest and will guide them through a college and workforce ready path. Students will be able to choose from the two-way dual language academy, the visual and performing arts academy, or the STEM academy. In another effort of emphasizing the importance of academic rigor to E.D. Walker students, the school is expanding its high school credit courses to 11. Some of those courses include: Astronomy, Creative Writing, Literary Genres, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Computer Science and Business Finance and Marketing, among others.
  • Children participating in breathing activities to reset or engaging in other similar techniques will be among new happenings that you will see in more campuses across Dallas ISD, including in George H. W. Bush Elementary, E.D. Walker and Edward H. Cary middle schools from District 1, thanks to partnerships with organizations such as Big Thought and Dallas Afterschool. Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) initiatives will be implemented during in-school and out-of-school-time, helping children develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to be successful. SEL includes knowing and controlling your emotions, understanding and collaborating with others, making positive choices and demonstrating resiliency.
  • Students and staff returning to W.T. White High School will be welcomed by a much bigger and improved campus. Thanks to the 2015 interim bridge program, a new wing at the school has now been completed. The wing, which is approximate 50,000 square feet, includes: 27 classrooms, three science labs and a teachers’ lounge, among other additions. Also, it is my pleasure to welcome Elena Bates as the new principal of W.T. White High School. In addition, the entire façade of the campus is undergoing a complete make-over.

Other campus administrators joining District 1 include: Beverly Mullins Ford as the principal of Anne Frank Elementary, and Kate Walker will now be Arthur Kramer Elementary principal.

And last but not least, if you know individuals who have made significant contributions to the district’s storied high school athletic programs, I invite you to nominate them to the district’s first-ever Athletic Hall of Fame. Nominations are open through Sept. 30. Individuals may be nominated in one of three categories: Past Dallas ISD Student Athlete; Former Dallas ISD Coach; and Contributors. For more information, visit: dallasisd.org/athletichalloffame.

Every day counts in your child’s education, so don’t forget that Monday, August 28 is the first day of school. We can’t wait to work with each student to make 2017-18 a great school year!

To help with a smooth Back to School transition, the district will have a hotline available throughout the entire first week of school, by calling at 972.925.5437.

Thank you for choosing Dallas ISD. Have a wonderful new school year!

Edwin Flores

—Edwin Flores is the District 1 representative on the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees

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