We know that every media outlet in town is covering the Northwest Dallas natural gas crisis, and your Facebook News Feed is inundated with updates about the shutdown.

Since all of the news can be overwhelming, we’ve compiled what is most important to know here.

  • Atmos Energy was investigating gas leaks in Northwest Dallas the day before an explosion on Espanola Drive took 12-year-old Linda “Michellita” Rogers’ life. The Dallas Morning News obtained company emails that state Atmos was already “monitoring a situation in a residential area of Dallas near Love Field airport.’’ Two days later, nearly 28 leaks were discovered.
  • More leaks were detected west of the planned outage area. “I made the Atmos guy actually test every one in the alley and then we got up to five homes that were leaking,” resident Wesley Summers told CBS.
  • Some neighbors are thanking Atmos crew members who have worked around-the-clock to repair gas lines. They’ve set up snack stands, marked with orange ribbons, with food for crew members. “It’s easy for us to take out our anger on them, because they’re the ones we’re seeing on a daily basis. I think, in a weird way, the snack stations have helped us remember that it’s not their fault and help the workers know that we don’t blame them,” Jatsive Hernandez said to CBS.
  • Calliet Elementary’s gas was shut off this past Thursday because of a leak detected in the piping on the roof and in the kitchen. Crews will repair the leaks over Spring Break, and students were served boxed lunches on Friday.

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