You have to love Preston Hollow neighbor and former president George W. Bush because he knows how to keep it real when talking with common folk — and even rock star Bono from U2.

George W. and Laura Bush will host the Forum on Leadership April 18 at the George W. Bush Presidential Center. Speakers include Jeff Bezos, Bono, Condoleezza Rice, Ben Bernanke and John Boehner.

Those attending will gather for in-depth discussions about leadership, governing in a complex world, education, economic growth, veterans’ transition and the coming challenges of technological disruptions.

The event marks the fifth anniversary of the center’s opening, which was attended by all five living U.S. presidents at the time: Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama.

Bono, the lead singer of U2, spoke about his relationship with Bush in an interview with Jill Cowan of the Dallas Morning News.

“I suppose the thing that surprised me was his sense of humor,” Bono said. “It’s not new to Texans. I wasn’t expecting to belly laugh with this president. I remember riding in his motorcade with him and people were waving, and I said, ‘Oh, Mr. President, you’re very popular, clearly,’ and he just goes, totally deadpan, ‘When I first came here, the people used to wave at me with one finger,’ and that made me laugh. I get it. You know, I might’ve been one of them.”

George W. Bush Presidential Center

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