Was your dog so wild that the canine attended Bevill’s Dog Behavior? Did you meet Petunia the pig and become so enamored with the hog that you adopted your own?

Perhaps your pup’s Teddy Bear-esque qualities warm your heart, despite the pooch’s tendencies to run into walls. Cute and smart aren’t always synonymous, but that doesn’t make Fido any less lovable. Maybe your beloved cat leads a life more lavish than yours, with gourmet meals, monogrammed outfits and an Instagram account.

Regardless of the scenario, we want to know what makes your pet newsworthy, whether it’s a tragic past or hilarious quirks.  The furry fellow or rebellious reptile could be featured in the September issue of our magazine.

Email Publisher Lisa Kresl at lkresl@advocatemag.com with a photo of your pet, a description of what makes the animal so fascinating and your contact information, just in case your fur baby is selected.

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