Edgemere senior living community resident Jack Tutterrow, 79, is using technology to make a difference in the lives of young people in the local area.


Tutterrow is helping fourth and fifth graders learn about places around the globe using virtual reality and Google Expeditions.


Tutterrow was inspired by a family trip to Cuba in 2015. He passed a small museum with the words “Google + Art” on the front. Inside, he saw students working on Google Chromebooks and it led him to look further into what Google was doing for education. That’s when he discovered Google Expeditions.


Google Expeditions allows Tutterrow to lead a team on a virtual journey to foreign places and get up close and personal with historic landmarks.


Tutterrow’s expeditions don’t just help the kids, they help seniors too. He leads residents and students on trips together via a monthly VR travel group through what he calls the intergenerational program.


Tutterow hopes to bring his upcoming project to high schools, where they can learn to program and build with Google’s Raspberry Pi based AIY kits.The AIY kits, which is a clever combination of DIY and AI (but technically stands for “Artificial Intelligence Yourself”), are easy-to-build smart speakers or smart cameras. The Raspberry Pi allows students to easily program their kits and learn coding.

Learn more about Google Expeditions below:

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