Photo credit: Danny Fulgencio

September’s cover of the Preston Hollow Advocate and inside story about the idea of Dougherty’s Pharmacy possibly painting over the mural on the outside wall of its building received a lot of response from readers. But Katherine Burrow, managing director of business development at Dougherty’s Pharmacy Inc., says there are no plans to remove the mural. The general manager of the Preston Royal Village store, who was quoted in last month’s story, no longer works there, Burrow says.

Here is a sampling of reader comments about what should happen to the mural:

  • Danny Hurley: “Not a fan of the mural. It’d like to see something new, but please don’t go away. Shopped there since it opened.”
  • Michele McMaster Hart: “The mural is only 10 years old, far from being a “Dallas landmark.” Dougherty’s is the landmark pharmacy, not the mural.”
  • Lindy Rainer: “What a shame it would be to remove that beloved mural. Perhaps the ones who update the Forest Lane murals will be able to freshen it up.”
  • Mike Hellmann: “No! Don’t do it! This quirky mural is what helps keep us apart from the boring suburbs.”

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