Photo by Danny Fulgencio

Not everyone in Preston Hollow spends $100,000 on koi fishes, but we do spend millions on pet care per year.

To be exact, we spent about $13.3 million on pet care in 2017.  (The data is derived from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and 2010 U.S. Census data, in case you were wondering.)

Pet food accounts for about $4.4 million of the total cost, and supplies and medicine accounts for $3.6 million. Other pet services cost $1.4 million. Trips to the veterinarian? About $3.9 million.

An estimated 12,257 families reside in Preston Hollow, according to Census data. Assuming every family has a pet, each would spend about $1,060 per year.

Of course, not every family has a furry friend, and some animals are more expensive. (Did we already mention the $15,000, 40-pound koi swimming in our neighbor’s backyard?) Business Insider reported the average American spends $80 per month on rats or mice, $92.98 per month on cats and $139.80 on dogs.

Preston Hollow spends more on pets than vacation homes, furniture and leased and rented vehicles per year, respectively.

Fido aint cheap.

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