Sevy the cat’s life resembles the Tom Petty song “Mary Jane’s Last Dance.” Born on a Nebraska farm, where predators abound, he was rescued by Richard Collins, the chairman and CEO of Istation and brought to the House of the Seasons, a bed and breakfast in Jefferson, Texas. But Sevy’s farm-like frolicking among the B&B’s antiques created a challenge, especially after he broke a 19th-century candelabra. Next stop: Collins’ mansion on Lakehurst, where there’s plenty of room to jump and play. He’s sweet and laid-back with the grandchildren, walks on the counters and curls up in a decorative coffee-table bowl all the while soothed by classical music. You can take the Nebraska out of a kitten, but you can’t take the Petty out of this cat.

“Sevy’s Last Chance”

He grew up on a Nebraska farm, had a good lookin’ momma who never was around. But he grew up blonde and he grew up right with them Nebraska tomcats on a Nebraska farm night.

Well, he moved down to a Texas B&B, he blew the cats away. It was more than they’d seen. He tried to fit in, not to jump on what he saw. All of a sudden, he broke a candelabra.

We dig you, blondie, but you gotta keep movin’. Keep movin’ on.

Well, I don’t know what Sevv’s been told, he never slows down and he never grows old. He now sits on his Preston Hollow throne. Mr. C says, “Welcome home.”

See Sevy curl in a coffee-table bowl. Languish where he’s not been told. And classical music, it soothes his soul.

Last dance with Mr. C, one more cuddle, and he won’t be cold.

Sevy feels summer creepin’ in; he knows he’ll get that shave again. Other cats would surely freak, but Sevy feels very chic.

Serve me some water, buy me a feast. Take me as I come, I’m not hurtin’ in the least.

There’s grandchildren down on the cobblestone square. I know they’ll dress me in some cute playwear. Oh, my, my. Oh, heck yes, they’ll probably put me in a party dress.

I was so happy when I woke up to roam.

Instead of Nebraska, I’ll live here at home.

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