Purple vanilla milkshake: Purple Cow/Facebook

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You know you’re from Preston Hollow when:

  • Every time you order pizza somewhere, you compare it to Marcos/My Family Pizza.  The same family has been making their pies in Preston Royal since the late ‘50s.
  • You go to Royal China and think about the Safari and its 7-foot tall doorman.
  • You remember Mr. Peppermint visiting Titche’s department store in Preston Forest.
  • Some of your old vinyl records have price tags from Minsky’s Music.
  • You learned how to dance at Dick Chaplin’s in Preston Center.
  • You learned how bowl at Preston Forest Lanes, now Virginia Cook/Corner Bakery/Staples.
    • Richard L. Brown
  • You remember eating at Kip’s Big Boy on special occasions.
  • You recognize and know every private school uniform by color and plaid pattern.
  • You remember that Chocolate Soup and then later Purple Cow were the coolest places for kids.
  • You wax nostalgic about Gazeebo Burgers’ ranch dressing and video corner.
  • You were cool enough to know what NHS meant.
    • Paige Dawson
  • You remember Andra’s, a two-story clothing store for girls. Clothes for little girls were downstairs and clothes for teenagers were upstairs.
  • You know that the Spec’s in Preston Royal used to be a movie theater.
    • Claire Rathbun
  • You still refer to Hillstone’s as Houston’s.
    • Elaine Walters
  • You went to Ferrell’s Ice Cream at Valley View Mall, where if you could dare to eat a “Pig Sty” they would ring bells and make a big deal about it.
  • You remember entering the Sanger Harris with the tile mosaic entrances and being in awe of the size of it.
  • You know that cruising Forest was a rite of passage.
  • Your first job was at Polar Bear Ashburn’s Ice Cream at Preston and Forest.
    • Lisa Moetteli Nelson



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