A Preston Hollow woman was victimized last week for being vigilant about neighborhood crime.

The woman was on her way to afternoon carpool with her young daughter in the car when she noticed a sedan made an erratic u-turn in an intersection. The sedan was quickly followed by a pickup truck that duplicated the maneuver, CBS 11 News reported.

“I tried to get my phone out and take a picture over my steering wheel so I could send it to the police, neighborhood patrol,” the unnamed woman told CBS 11. “The sedan that had been leading made another u-turn and came to chase me down.”

The sedan chased her for several blocks before boxing her in at a stop sign next to Preston Hollow Park. The passenger of the sedan leaned out the window, yelled at the woman and pointed a weapon at her.

The passenger then threw a large unidentified object at her car before the sedan sped off. The woman told CBS 11 the object hit her car just inches below the window where her daughter was sitting.

“I was terrified,” she told CBS 11. “I was in fear for our lives at that moment.”

The woman said she wants to help combat crime in the neighborhood, but not at the expense of her family.

CBS 11 News reported Dallas Police are adding extra patrols to the area and are investigating the attack on the woman and her child as an aggravated assault.

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