Several posts on the Hillcrest Forest Nextdoor app have alerted neighbors to posts about what they thought was suspicious behavior.

The first was about an aggressive pesticide salesman canvassing the neighborhood and sometimes ringing doorbells multiple times, including once when he awoke a child from a nap. Others commented that he was a nice guy with a strong work ethic pounding the streets for job leads.

The second report of suspicious behavior came when a woman rang a doorbell and asked to use the homeowner’s restroom because she had a flat tire. The neighbor alerted the police. Thankfully, another neighbor reassured us that the woman was a Kramer mom who really did have a flat tire after picking up her children from school. She was waiting for roadside assistance. The neighbor’s husband helped her with the tire and allowed her to use the bathroom. “Sometimes a flat tire is just a flat tire,” she wrote.

However, neighbors are “doorbell shy” after experiencing what they perceive as more crime in the area. Also: a brutal crime occurred in Oak Cliff recently when an elderly man there answered the door and was pistol-whipped and robbed.

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