Neighbors, including Kristy Gaconnier and her son, shared these images of storm damage. Texas A&M’s Agrilife Extension has advice in a story “Can These Trees Be Saved?”

“Major limbs may be broken or damaged, foliage can be shredded or stripped, or the bark may be torn or gouged. But what at first glance may look like mortal wounds are not necessarily fatal to a tree. Trees have an amazing ability to recover from storm damage,” it reads. also has these tips.

The Texas Tree Foundation suggests you ask these questions before hiring an arborist:

  • Are they an ISA Certified Arborist? Ask to see their identification card.
  • Can they provide proof of insurance? Ask to see it.
  • Are they reputable? Ask for references.
  • Do they provide a free written estimate?
  • Will they top your trees? If so, find someone else.