Fast-casual Italian restaurant MidiCi opened its doors in January and began serving up savory Neopolitan pizzas to Preston Hollow. Now, in addition to pizza, the eatery’s evolved menu offers freshly-made pasta, flatbreads, sandwiches and more. Whether you’re vegan, kosher, gluten-free, or just an avid Italian foodie, MidiCi has options for everyone.

After hearing customer feedback, owner Michelle Martin responded to her diners and gave them what they asked for: more than just pizza.

With an evolved menu, refurbished space, and amiable staff, customers can count on a tasty and enjoyable experience when they dine at MidiCi.

MidiCi pasta dishes, photo from Preston Hollow People

In a recent article by Preston Hollow People, the restaurant featured a few of their new pasta dishes. Keyuri Parab of Preston Hollow People reflects on tasting the Cheese Tortellini dish, saying “In my opinion, piping-hot food is under-appreciated, most likely because of our acceptance of lukewarm dishes when we go out to eat. At MidiCi, though, steam rose from the heaping pile of tortellini as I dug into the garlic cream sauce.”

The Ragu Alla Bolognese features the eatery’s chicken and beef meatballs with red sauce found on their Small Plates menu. Parab notes,”This one blew me away, as someone who doesn’t eat red sauce that often, I sure slurped it down fast. The red sauce is cooked more savory than sweet, unlike many other American-Italian places.”

Aside from pasta, menu options include standouts like the Chicken Pesto flatbread. MidiCi’s flatbreads have the same flavor as the classic Neopolitan pizzas, yet with a lighter feel.

chicken pesto flatbread, photo from Preston Hollow People

Drinks range from a Peach Bellini with homemade peach puree, the MidiCi Margarita, to a wide variety of non-alcoholic Italian sodas.

All items on the new menu are available year-round. For more details on what to expect, see Preston Hollow People’s full review here.



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