As if going to the gym wasn’t already bad enough, a local neighbor reported on the Preston Hollow Nextdoor page that his car had been broken into at the 24 Hour Fitness at 75 and Royal. The neighbor posted “I arrived at 24hr Fitness on Royal and 75 at around 11am on 7/15/19. I parked close to the wall on the right side of the building and facing the wall about 20 yards from the front door. I came out at around 12:30 and noticed that my drivers side window was busted out and that my wallet was stolen. That was the only thing stolen.”

The victim also noted that while he was at the gym, he began receiving notifications about his credit cards being used at a Kroger in Oak Lawn, but that the purchases were declined for security reasons.

According to the neighbor, the 24 Hour Fitness claims to have cameras that captured the incident, but in order to show the footage, they need a police report. The post concluded with “I have reported this information to the police”.

Many neighbors responded to the post with sympathy, with one commenting that there are personal security systems for cars available.

There are other measures to take to prevent any would-be burglars from considering your car their next pay-day. Remember to lock and close all windows, and try not to leave any valuables visible in the car. Park in well-lit, populated areas. Stay safe, and trust your gut. If a situation does not feel safe, find another parking spot.

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