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This year marks the 25th anniversary of the release of the pop song “Stay (I Missed You),” sung by class of 1986 Hockaday alumna Lisa Loeb for the “Reality Bites” movie soundtrack.

Loeb graduated from Hockaday and studied at Brown University before starting her own band called Liz and Lisa. But, “Stay (I Missed You),” was Loeb’s big break in 1994. Since then, Loeb has released 16 albums and has made several special appearances.

Loeb’s album, “Camp Lisa,” first released in 2008, contains only camp songs that Loeb wrote to express her admiration and appreciation for summer camp experiences.

The Camp Lisa Foundation raises money to help send children, who would normally not have the opportunity, to go to camp. The foundation wants to enrich children’s lives by sending them to camp and create a greater public understanding of the value of a summer camp experience, according to the foundation’s website.

“Summer camp is so important for kids to learn about themselves,” Loeb told TV station KCLA in Los Angeles. “You know, you get grades in school. But in camp, you learn about yourself. You learn to be a great member of the community, how to be a leader. You try things you’ve never tried before. And at the end of camp, you’re so much stronger for it.”

Watch Loeb’s entire interview with KCLA in the video below.

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