Sidney Gilstrap-Portley

A 25-year-old, who pretended to be a freshman at Hillcrest High School and was accused of having a relationship with a 14-year-old girl, pleaded guilty to one count of indecency with a child and three counts of tampering with government records.

Sidney Gilstrap-Portley was sentenced to six years of probation for the indecency charge and five years of probation for each tampering charge, WFAA reported.

He must also register as a sex offender.

Gilstrap-Portley first enrolled at Skyline High School, under the false name of Rashun Richardson, claiming to be a Hurricane Harvey victim with no address or parents, WFAA reported. He then transferred to Hillcrest and joined the basketball team. He claimed to be 17 years old.

He was able to pull off the fake persona for about a year, until an old basketball coach from North Mesquite High recognized Gilstrap-Portley during a game.

WFAA reported the Dallas ISD does not require certain documents for a homeless student or one who is an evacuee which other students must provide.