Photo courtesy of Allison Daniels and NextDoor.

By Daniela De La Cruz

A Preston Hollow neighbor, Allison Daniels, and her mother found what seemed to be an injured baby rabbit in their front yard. Daniels said the bunny was alive but not moving. She decided to leave a message for the DFW Wildlife Coalition but didn’t know how long it would take for a response. So she moved onto her next option: the NextDoor app. 

Daniels asked neighbors what she could do to help the bunny, and the neighbors were quick to help. Some suggested they take the animal to a vet while others gave her information on local wildlife and rabbit rescue groups such as Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation and Rabbit Rescue’s Diana Leggett. Daniels and her mother decided to take the bunny to Desiree Schorn, a certified bunny rescuer who was suggested multiple times on her post. 

Daniels’ mother later posted an update saying that the bunny had been overheated and dehydrated but was in good hands. She also thanked everyone for their suggestions and help.

A few days later, another baby bunny incident surfaced on NextDoor. Jami Nelson found a bunny all alone with no nest. It seemed the mother was not returning. Nelson asked neighbors for advice since she did not want to harm the small animal. After a lot of back and forth, some neighbors suggested she look at Daniels’s post for suggestions. Here’s the aggregated advice:

  • Both took their bunnies to Desiree Schorn, bunny rescuer, at 214-704-4533

Other options:

  • Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, 972-225-4000
  • Humane Society of Dallas, 214-742-7722
  • Wild Rescue Inc./Rabbit Rescue, 940-442-8289
  • 911 Wildlife. Ask for Bonnie. 214-368-5911.

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