Dirk Nowitzki finished his time with the Dallas Mavericks last season, leaving the team after 21 seasons on the court. Of course, many Mavs fans were sad to see Dirk go, considering him to be the best player in franchise history and calling him the GOAT (greatest of all time). Nowitzki seemingly earned this title after his last home game against the Phoenix Suns, throwing down a monster dunk in his final game.

This week, the Dallas Mavericks compiled some of the greatest moments in Dirk’s career, looking back on some of the moves that earned him a spot in Maverick history. You can watch the compilations here.

Fans will surely miss Nowitzki on the court, and a season without him is hard to imagine. Since 1998, Dirk has been the Dallas Maverick’s superstar, leading the team to victory in the championship in 2011, as well as plenty of playoff runs. Fans will always marvel at what Dirk accomplished, and whenever they miss his presence on the court, the compilation will serve as an everlasting reminder of  the legacy of a Preston Hollow legend.