Actor Luke Wilson, who attended St. Mark’s stars as priest Father Greg in the upcoming movie “Guest of Honour.” Here’s what he told Entertainment Weekly: “Putting on the clothes of a priest doesn’t necessarily feel that natural to me, but you kind of turn around and look in the mirror and get kind of startled. I feel like I’ve definitely met people like that, actual priests, very thoughtful people you feel you can open up to, real listeners. That’s what I kept in mind.”

He’s also in the movie “The Goldfinch.” Wilson plays Theo’s father. Wilson had a particularly emotional scene with young actor Oakes Fegley and tried to convince director John Crowley to change the scene.

“I tried to talk John out of it, which was part of my process. I just thought ‘Maybe he doesn’t scream. Maybe he just stands there.’ Just because I felt like it was so insane to do and crazy to do. And the last thing he does before you find out that he dies. So my natural inclination whether it was self-preservation or what. But just mixing my own personal feelings with what I was trying to accomplish on the screen. I think I definitely let them mix, but I let my own insecurities get in there. I definitely tried to talk my way out of it.”

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