Fish City Grill

Photo from Fish City Preston Royal Facebook

A tornado, first spotted near Love Field at about 9 p.m. Sunday, passed through our neighborhood on a northeastern trajectory, uprooting trees and ripping off roofs in Preston Hollow.

Residents in the Northcrest area were left on the sidewalk, with dogs and overnight bags in tow, their homes and cars damaged, according to the TV station’s coverage. They showed Preston Hollow residents having to cross over downed power poles, carrying their dogs, to get out of their home for the night.

Preston and Royal


Brookshire Drive

Tyler Seguin's Home near Royal Lane/ Preston Road.Post-Tornado


Marsh Lane/Walnut Hill Lane

Harry Hines Boulevard/Manana Drive

Denton Drive/Lombardy Lane

Walnut Hill Lane/Monroe Drive

Harry Hines Boulevard/Freewood Drive

Shady Trail/Southwell Road

Webb Chapel Road/Kinkaid Drive

Harry Hines Boulevard/Walnut Hill Lane

Walnut Hill Lane/Webb Chapel Road

Walnut Hill Lane/Midway Road

Shady Trail/Andjon Drive

Walnut Hill Lane/Marsh Lane

Walnut Hill Lane/Woodleigh Drive

Preston Road/Norway Road

Marsh Lane/Woodleigh Drive

Walnut Hill Lane/Shady Trail

Harry Hines Boulevard/Brenner Drive

Hillcrest Road/Walnut Hill Lane

Hillcrest Road/Royal Lane

No Westbound Royal Lane at St. Michaels Drive

No Northbound St. Michaels Drive at Royal Lane

Preston Road/Royal Lane


A map of the power outages according to Oncor. You can view the interactive map here.

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