Debra Phares reported a frightening crime Nov. 29 on NextDoor.  Here’s her account: “I was sitting outside at the Starbucks (Preston /Forest) with a girlfriend and in a split second a 16-20 year old ran by and snatched my handbag (which was literally touching me next to me) just after I pulled out my phone. We immediately ran after the kid who jumped into a large black Lexus (which was reported stolen). I actually had my hands on the car as it tore off down Preston Road. The Dallas Police arrived and the incident has been reported. Luckily I was able to lock my credit cards almost immediately. They tried to use the cards within minutes at the Exxon at Preston Royal and then at Nike Store at Northpark. It was a fast brazen act in the middle of the day with people all around. It is all just stuff and a huge hassle, but upsetting nonetheless. Please be uber mindful and watchful of your person and those around you everywhere and even at your ‘usual’ places.”

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