Mark Cuban’s 9 best moments of 2019 (the videos of his family dancing are the best)

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Neighbor Mark Cuban is active on social media so we had wonderful insights into his 2019 lifestyle — both in business and at home. Here are the top moments.

1. Mark Cuban skipped his senior year of high school so he could go straight to college. He knew he wanted to be “a business guy” as early as high school, he told podcast host Corby Davidson on an episode of “Your Turn with Corby Davidson.”

2. He donated $1 million to Dallas ISD after the tornado.

3. Cuban asked the nation to text him. He went on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show and gave out his phone number (214-614-6002), encouraging people to text him, according to Inc. magazine. “Look, not every businessperson … not every entrepreneur wants to put themselves out there. But I will – OK, I’m gonna give you my phone number,” Cuban said on air. “I’m gonna let people text me. I’m not gonna pick it up but I’ve got this new setup.” Cuban said he tries to respond to 20-30 messages a day. But the Dallas Morning News pointed out that texting that number will result in your phone receiving a link to sign up for something called Community.

4Mark Cuban’s Thanksgiving video showed that he is a cool dad. Watch the video of him dancing with his family.

5. Who knew Mark Cuban is a vegetarian? He went on “Shark Tank” and became passionate about vegan corned beef, according to CNBC .He loved the low-fat, 100-calorie plant-based deli meat. Cuban and Jenny Goldfarb bonded over her “Unreal Deli Corned Beef sandwich.” Also both have grandfathers who emigrated from Romania. Here’s what Cuban said: “I’ll simplify everything. I love it. I went vegetarian. I’ll make you an offer. I’ll give you $250,000 for 20%. I’ll be on the front page of it. I’ll be the poster-child for it. We’ll hustle. I don’t mess around.”

6. Cuban bought the Democracy.com domain, according to the New York Times. He said he bought it “to make sure someone didn’t do something crazy with it.” Cuban wouldn’t say how much he paid for it. Apparently Talmage Cooley, an entrepreneur who used the domain for years as the home to a start-up social platform, sent Cuban an email about it. The minimum bid was $300,000.

7. Do we really want to see Mark Cuban in a cold tub? Watch the videoNeighbor Mark Cuban was on Kevin Hart’s cold tub show. It’s pretty entertaining. Language alert: there are lots of bleeps! He says the Mavs are now worth $2.5 billion.

8. Watch the video: Mark Cuban’s family is dancing again, and it’s super cute.

9. Cuban sold one of his sports-technology investments to the owners of the Los Angeles Dodgers, according to Bloomberg. Atrium Sports acquired data and video analytics company Synergy Sports Technology. Cuban was a big investor in Synergy, which provides its analytics tools to a number of National Basketball Association franchises, as well as Major League Baseball and college basketball and baseball clubs. Financial terms weren’t disclosed, but the total purchase price may be about $90 million. Synergy uses cameras to capture the movement of players. Coaches use the data to help evaluate talent. The company supplies information for teams, fantasy-sports products, fans and media networks.


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