Chef Avner Samuel, executive chef at Nosh Bistro, will no longer be in that role, according to Teresa Gubbins at Culture Map. She attributed a release saying he wants to spend more time with his family and that he plans to be a chef at private events and do consulting. We profiled Samuel in July 2019 after the restaurant opened. “I’m at the age when I just do what I do best: cook, tell stories and entertain people,” he told us. “And I’m damn good at it.”

Nosh Bistro, at 8611 Hillcrest Road, will operate under Refined Hospitality Concepts, a partnership between Merhdad Moayedi and Jeffrey Kollinger, according to Gubbins. Moayedi is CEO of Centurion Development Group, which bought the historic Crespi mansion, resold it and turned part of the property into the Crespi Estates. He also acquired the 37,000-square-foot Malouf home on Strait Lane.

Chef Ryan Carbery will oversee Nosh Bistro. Samuel was born in Jerusalem and lived in London, Paris, Hong Kong and the U.S. He moved to Dallas in 1981 and starred at restaurants, including the Mansion, the Crescent, Yellow, Avner’s, Okeanos, Bistro A and Aurora, which closed in 2010 and earned a five-star review from the Dallas Morning News. He lives near NorthPark Center and has four adult children.

Here’s what wife, Yasmin Samuel, said on Facebook: “My husband still has tremendous passion for his craft and will continue to be a part of the culinary scene as a consultant and as a private chef. But thankfully, he decided that those crazy restaurant hours are no longer for him!”

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