Photography by Danny Fulgencio.

Hillcrest High School senior Skyy Owens has a volleyball secret weapon: She calls her dad before every game, and he centers her.

STATUS: Hillcrest High School senior in the International Baccalaureate program; plays for Hillcrest and Elite Performance Academy.

HOW LONG SHE’S BEEN PLAYING: Since she was 10.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Earned second-team all-district honors freshman and sophomore year; voted the all-district MVP her junior year; earned first-team all-district honors senior year; selected to the all-district academic team all four years; member of the four-year district championship team.

TRAINING: “On an easy day, we run a mile and do cardio. On a hard day, it’s 2 miles, and it’s timed. We have to meet weight restrictions.”

PRIDE POINT: Making A’s and B’s in the Hillcrest High School IB program.

THE MOST CHALLENGING THING SHE’S OVERCOME: “Trying to keep myself balanced with schoolwork and my outside life.”

BEST ADVICE SHE’S EVER RECEIVED: Her dad told her, “Life is easy, people make it hard.”

HOPES AND DREAMS: She would like to be a defense attorney, nurse or therapist.

PRE-GAME RITUAL: “I call my dad to calm me and keep me humble.”

ON TEAMWORK: “I can’t do it all by myself. People feed off of me, and I feed off them.”

WHAT HER DAD SAYS: “Skyy, these girls don’t have nothing on you.” She says, “My dad is always there for me.”

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