North Haven Gardens, which was destroyed by the Oct. 20 tornado and reopened Nov. 25 with Christmas trees, plants and wreathes, is now ready for the spring planting season, according to the Dallas Morning News. The business is being run from temporary structures, including two office trailers, two new greenhouses and a large tent. What’s the vision for the future? Jon Pinkus, whose parents, Ralph and Muriel Pinkus founded the business in 1951, says the new permanent structures will be rebuilt by Oct. 19, due to an insurance deadline to rebuild within a year. The family’s third generation, husband and wife Aaron and Pamela Pinkus, are involved in charting out the future as well. The Pinkuses’ plans, which will soon be submitted to the city, include greenhouses, an office, a new store and a café that also sells design items and gifts.