City Councilman Lee Kleinman reported on NextDoor that he and his staff have worked hard to create a “Pan Handling Action Plan” with Dallas Police. The “zero tolerance operation plan” went into effect March 2. Officers will be enforcing the plan between 7 a.m. and sundown. Here are the top areas targeted:

  • Royal/Central Expressway
  • Forest Lane/Central Expressway
  • Preston Road/Northwest Highway
  • Preston Road/Forest Lane
  • Cost Road/LBJ Freeway
  • Alpha Road/Dallas Parkway
  • Belt Line/Preston Road
  • Frankford Road/Coit Road
  • Preston Road/George Bush Tollway
  • Frankford Road/North Dallas Tollway
  • Frankford Road/Marsh Lane

“The purpose of this operations plan is to reduce criminal violation of pedestrians in the roadway by using enforcement of violations of the Transportation Code 28.63.3 (B) solicitation of an occupied vehicle in a roadway and Dallas City Code Section 28-63.3 solicitations to occupants of vehicles on public roadways prohibited in the target areas.”

Here’s what neighbors said:

“I’m glad to hear there’s a commitment to safety in our neighborhood. That being said, what is your plan to reduce the CAUSE? Panhandling (in the case of those who are actually struggling, which are many) is merely a symptom of a much larger problem. Arresting panhandlers will not solve the problem. I look forward to your offerings and plans as thorough as this one to assist and care for the growing homeless population in our city.”

Jennifer Steubing

“The park cities are doing something to keep them off their corners. You don’t see panhandlers in Highland Park.”

Lee Kleinman

“Perhaps we should change the law and give citations to drivers giving the panhandlers anything. The citation payment could be then distributed to a homeless fund. This would: 1) get people to stop giving to panhandlers 2) drive the panhandlers out 3) Keep our roads safer 4) eliminate trash issues 5) Actually help the truly homeless.”


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