Seed Preschool. Photo by Danny Fulgencio

Photo by Danny Fulgencio

Say you’re at home with precious little ones for at least a week, maybe three, maybe more.

Social distancing in the rise of a pandemic has endless consequences and obstacles, but let’s focus on this one: How to manage a household of work-from-homers and wee whiners.

My dear sister in Grapevine has three under 8, and she sends this, from the eldest nibling’s teacher:

Audrey Gagel, a teacher at the Reagan Elementary STEAM Academy, says she’ll be posting elementary art lessons on her Instagram page. Gagel shared this engineering bingo card that families work on together using common household items.

A Google Doc that Nick Hoover compiled free educational resources grew so quickly that he gave it a URL,

We’re also following DISD trustee Justin Henry for all kinds of resources, including DISD and general public health updates.

Here’s more good stuff from Ms. Gagel.

Scholastic magazine offers 20 days of free lessons for pre-k through middle-school students on its Learn at Home page.

Image via Scholastic Learn at Home

No matter what age you are, it’s a comfort to have Betty White read you a bedtime story. Storyline Online has dozens of free videos with professional actors reading kids books.

Screen grab from

Here is the schedule Gagel made for her own family.

Gagel writes:

A big concept in the district this year is SEL, or social emotional learning. Kids are learning how to put their feelings into words, find safe spaces, etc. I’m thinking over the next bit, parents may find links about SEL imperative in dealing with all the emotions that may be felt over the course of the next few weeks, regardless of when we head back to our schools.

She recommends for practices that help keep us all in our best frame of mind.

Let us know: What resources are you leaning on for emotional balance and at-home harmony?

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