The mental-health consequences of coronavirus could be devastating.

People who suffer from depression, anxiety and OCD could be particularly at risk during this crisis.

Psychotherapist Emily Roberts told NBC News:

“If you’re struggling with a mental health disease, if you are relying on therapy which requires you getting out of your house, it’s going to be very hard to motivate yourself to get the help you need. The fact that there’s so much of an urgency to disconnect creates a lot of fear with people.”

Alice Zacarello, executive director of The Well Community, sends these resources for confronting mental health struggles.

For immediate help in a mental-health crisis, call the NAMI Helpline at 800.950.6264 or text NAMI to 741741.

Here is the NAMI tip sheet for staying up-to-date on the pandemic.

And here are the organization’s questions and and answers about coronavirus.

Here are more online resources:

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