At North Haven Gardens, the experienced staff ensures you make planting and landscaping decisions perfect for your home

It’s planting season, and that can mean only one thing: It’s time to head over to North Haven Gardens and ask the neighborhood nursery’s experienced team of experts for guidance and recommendations.

Gardening, landscaping, seasonal planting … if you’re looking for tips and tricks related to plants and home goods, you won’t be disappointed.

“Our dedicated team and customer support make everything strong and united,” says Cody Hoya, North Haven Gardens general manager. “Our knowledgeable horticulturists can help withany and every subject that interests our clients.”

So what makes North Haven Gardens unique? These employees say it best.

“I am impressed by what North Haven Gardens means to the City.”

Tommy Rowden
Guest Services Manager and Merchandiser
7 years with North Haven Gardens

“I’m looking forward to a level store,” Tommy says. “Our new facility will slope uniformly and be easy for customers to maneuver shopping carts; it will also help us get products in place more accessibly.” Under Tommy’s leadership will be the new propagation greenhouse, where he will oversee new plants by seed, air layering and other methods. Tommy is partial to the carnivorous pitcher plant (Nepenthes). “It attracts mosquitos and pesky bugs and absorbs them into its plant tissue.” 

Lynette Hoyt
Garden Advisor
5 years at North Haven Gardens

Lynette says having something new to look forward to is peaceful. “I am impressed by what North Haven Gardens means to the City. With our new facility, it will be nice to have a spirit of permanence and certainty again,” she says. Lynette’s favorite plant is mountain laurel, a small native-to-Texas evergreen. “Its blooms look like grapes, and it smells like grape Kool-Aid. It’s valuable to front-yard landscaping because it looks alive year-round. It signals health.”

Cody Hoya
General Manager
7 years at North Haven Gardens

Cody has had an ongoing relationship with North Haven Gardens for 15 years as salesperson, guest speaker, merchandiser and more. “I’ve known I was called to this from an early age. I just always knew this is something I wanted to do.” Cody is enthusiastic about the property’s planned drive-up landscaping, water features and easy-to-navigate aisles. His favorite plant is “all of them” but if he had to choose a favorite, it’s the jewel orchid, native to Java, Borneo and Indonesia. “It’s a hot trend now among plant collectors.” 

Sandi Holmes-Schwedler
Senior Buyer
10 years at North Haven Gardens

 “We are open,” is Sandi’s message. “The rebuild will bring normalcy.” As a buyer, Sandi visits growers that specialize in native Texas plants. “My passion is choosing from a list of available specialty options that are dear to our customers’ hearts. It’s like Christmas morning when the truck arrives and we unload.” Sandi’s favorite plant is salvia greggii. These Texas natives come in lots of colors, can take full sun and require very little care.

Our gardeners look forward to meeting you and sharing their knowledge at North Haven Gardens 

Brieux Turner
Garden Advisor
11 years at North Haven Gardens

As a local farmer, Brieux looks forward to North Haven Gardens’ new look and feel, smarter logistics and organized store front. He’s especially pumped about a new venue for classes that he enjoys teaching about vegetable gardening, seed germinating and tomato growing. Brieux’s favorite trendy plant is the frizzle sizzle, which slightly resembles green, space-age dreadlocks. This bulb from Africa grows in dry climates and multiplies like succulents. “Our new facility will be like a playground.”

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