NorthPark Center may be closed, but it’s still a virtual gathering place. Administrators continue to create fun activities for kids to do at home, leveraging the center’s art. NorthPark Center worked with walkSTEM to create special curriculum as a part of its ArtROCKS! initiative. Try this interactive quiz and art activities to keep children learning at home. Activities include such topics as color equations, the symmetry of buckyballs, symmetry and how to use scale to measure a map.

Here’s a sample: “How do the Hammering men move?”

Question: What type of bar linkage allows the sculpture to move?
A. 4 bar linkage
B. 2 bar linkage
C. 1 bar linkage
D. 3 bar linkage
Find the answer at the bottom of the blog!

Art Challenge: Art That Moves!
Gather paper, cardboard, paper towel rolls, 3D sculpture materials, split pins/brads/paper fasteners, and a hole puncher. Using the brads, connect one piece of material with another. For example, use a hole puncher to punch holes in two pieces of paper or other 3D material. Next, fasten a split pin through the two pieces. Now, you can rotate and move the pieces of material with the split pin as a fixed point. Can you make artwork that moves back and forth like the Hammering Men? What about art that moves in a circle?

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