Photo by Danny Fulgencio

In a recent interview with the New York Post, Dallas Mavericks owner and neighbor Mark Cuban mentioned that the NBA might develop a way for fans to send noise through an app into the Orlando arena where games will occur.

The debate over audio for these future fan-free games has centered around two possibilities: ambient noise or artificial sound. But Cuban explained that this app would find a common ground. “[T]here will be a lot of technology we will be experimenting with to try to introduce noise and make the event more entertaining for players and TV viewers,” Cuban told the publication. “We have been having a lot of fun with apps that allow fans to push noise they make at home into the arena. So not only  will there be competition on the court, there will be competition from fans to contribute energy as well.”

Because all NBA teams will play at the same location, implementing an app like Cuban describes is achievable. NBC Sports pointed out that this idea would be more difficult for the NFL to implement since its teams will still travel to other stadiums for games.

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