Mi Casa, Su Kasa (Yoga)

Kasa Yoga Dallas, the ultra high-end neighborhood health, wellness and beauty stop, centers on the Kaiut yoga method. But there’s more. 

Longtime neighbor and Brazilian-born studio owner Christina Siepiela presents monthly events in different fields of the holistic approach to health. The studio also is the only one in Dallas to have the exclusive line Beauty By Apothecary, a local company that produces a collection of ancient recipes in skin care.

“Kasa” means home in Portuguese, Christina’s first language. Christina wants her members to feel welcome and comforted. She understands yoga’s therapeutic aspects. Decades ago, she had chronic pain in her lower back so severe, it reverberated from her head to her feet. 

“I took medication to sleep, wake up, function. I discovered the Kaiut yoga method and have been pain- and medicine-free for more than 20 years,” Christina says.

“The yoga I teach connects body and mind functions, releasing trigger points that can cause anxiety, depression and many other mental issues, which I personally experienced three years ago.”

Kasa Yoga Dallas partners with Peaked Hill Studio in Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., and Jungle Keva Hotel in Tulum, Mexico, where members of Kasa can enjoy reciprocal access in yoga classes and a destination for retreats and workshops. Christina, who is certified in Kaiut Yoga Method and Psychotherapeutic Yoga, customizes sessions upon request, such as Yoga for Golfers, Yoga for Teens and Yoga for Corporations.

Various membership plans are available

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